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Welcome to Crypto Collective! - Your online home to learn, grow, make connections, and win big in crypto/NFTs.
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What is the Crypto Collective?

Welcome to your new online home to learn, grow, make connections in the Crypto & NFT space.

Since it's inception in 2021, members of Crypto Collective have amassed  $100+ Million in NFT & crypto gains, including 500+ citizens who minted  Neo Tokyo Season One. Yes, CC was the NT before NT. And the wins don't  stop there.

Crypto Collective is a free community of 3000+ crypto investors, builders & enthusiasts with two additional tiers of membership, education, connections, hot alpha fresh off the press, and we think arguably one of the best voicechats on Discord.

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The Collective

The Collective Pass is the ultimate crypto level up package

Unlock CC Alpha Discord channels which include community-driven channels such as time sensitive crypto/NFT alpha calls, whitelist alerts, tools, and  research topic channels such as airdrops, launchpads, GameFi, DeFi, Liquidity Pools, NFTs, & more.

Network with laser focused individuals from all different backgrounds that are committed to helping each other grow and succeed.

Access to in-depth continued education as CC Academy develops and delivers new content.

The Inner Circle

Everything in The Collective Pass plus...

An additional tier of exclusive text & voice channels for the most dedicated members of the community.

First to be rewarded for select community/server opportunities such as whitelists for collaborating projects.

Helps direct and achieve the vision of CC.

Supply capped at 150 with new mints granted by application only.

We F@#king Win.
Here's the Evidence ↓

Frequently Asked Questions

When is mint?

A fully whitelisted mint party took place on Sunday, April 10, 2022 for pre-qualified members of the Crypto Collective community.

We will never DM you a URL, and our only mint website is https://cryptocollective.gg. We will never do a stealth mint. All other URLs are scams!

Where can I purchase a Crypto Collective NFT?
Which blockchain is Crypto Collective's NFT on?

Crypto Collective access pass NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

What if I have another question that isn't answered above?

Join the Crypto Collective discord server https://discord.gg/cryptocollective and open a support ticket & our team will guide you from there!